Pets Unlimited Dentabar - Copdock Mill

Pets Unlimited Dentabar


  • Manufactured using cold press method ensure that vitamins are maintained
  • Contains parsley which is good for digestion
  • Highest meat content dental bar. Nearly 60% meat
  • Wheat & Grain free


Pets Unlimited wants your dog to live a happy and healthy life and feel good about himself. Your dog's teeth play an essential role in their health. Many dogs suffer from tartar, and that can cause dental issues and eating problems. To help you maintain your dog's teeth, Pets Unlimited have developed the tasty Dentabar. The hard texture of this chewy snack helps to scrape tartar off the teeth and keep them clean.

The Pets Unlimited Dentabar is made with high quality and natural ingredients: only the best for your dog! The Dentabar contains no less than 57% chicken, which ensures an irresistibly delicious taste. The Dentabar also contains olive oil which is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. These substances contribute to a healthy and shiny coat. And just like all Pets Unlimited's delicious snacks, the Dentabar is entirely grain, gluten and sugar-free.

Dentabar: for clean teeth and fresh doggy breath!


9 sticks / 100g for small dog breeds


7 sticks / 200g for medium dog breeds


7 sticks / 250g for large dog breeds


chicken (57%), potato, cellulose, glycerine, olive oil, spinack extract, parsley, calcium, phosphorus, Vit A and Vit E


Crude protein 42.2%

Crude oils and fat 8.0%

Crude fibre 2.8%

Crude ash 8.4%

Moisture 11.1

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