Poultry Shield Disinfectant & Red Mite Concentrate - Copdock Mill

Poultry Shield Disinfectant & Red Mite Concentrate


Poultry Shield is a multi-purpose cleaner sanitiser. It is safe to use, degrading to harmless components.

It works equally well with hard or soft water and is unaffected by temperature fluctuations.


  • Controls Red Mite through it's powerful cleaning action
  • Does not contain poison
  • Can be used in Organic production (consult your association)
  • Bio-degradable
  • Effective against biofilms
  • Superior dilution rate giving increased economy
  • Award winning Red Mite control

General Properties

Clear Liquid. An alkaline blend of non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants in an aqueous solution.

Instructions for use

Cleaning a house of 10,000 ft² (1,000m²) dilute 6 litres depending on level of soiling, in 600 litres of clean water.

For Red Mite control dilute 1 litre of Poultry Shield with 9 litres of water.

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