Trixie Bandages Self-Adhesive 5cm/ 4.5m x 4pcs - Copdock Mill

Trixie Bandages Self-Adhesive 5cm/ 4.5m x 4pcs


Effective wound protection - with bitter substance bandages for cats and dogs

After surgery or in case of an injury, proper wound care is very important. However, dogs and cats tend to nibble on wound bandages - which can have a negative effect on the healing process of the wound. The bittering agent contained in our bandages has a repelling taste for cats and dogs and discourages them from nibbling on the wound dressing. The water-repellent bandages protect against dirt and moisture, thus keeping the wound dry and clean. In addition, the bitter substance bandages are flexible and self-adhesive, they do not restrict the movement of the animal and prevent the bandages from slipping.


  • Bite-resistant thanks to bitter substances
  • for wound care
  • flexible and self-adhesive
  • protects from dirt and moisture
  • various colours
  • non-woven fabric (polypropylene)

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