Dog Doctors Anti Chew Spray 236ml - Copdock Mill

Dog Doctors Anti Chew Spray 236ml


Does your dog chew on your loved items? Our anti chew spray for dogs is what you need!

This item is great for training puppies not to chew and destroy your property, but also works well on older dogs to stop them licking and nibbling their wounds. All natural ingredients and non-toxic, and can be used on all items including plants!


  • Safe for use on plants
  • Can be sprayed on wounds and dressings to deter your pet from licking or chewing
  • Great to stop teething puppies from chewing things they shouldn't
  • Safe for use on different materials
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable


Does your dog chew everything in sight? It's a common problem (especially in puppies) that can easily be rectified with a bit of training and the help of our Anti Chew Spray.

A vet recommended natural solution which is completely non-toxic & biodegradable that deters dogs from chewing. Simply spray on the problem areas (shoes, tables etc.) and relax. To most pets this spray has an unpleasant taste making chewing on sprayed objects undesirable.



Deionised Water, Bittering Agent, and Citric Acid

Deionised water has had all its mineral ions such as sodium, iron, calcium, copper, chloride and sulphate removed. It contains no chemicals or harmful toxins. In fact, it is so clean and safe it is used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries where bacteria free water is an absolute must. As a pure water it will assume the chemistry of whatever ingredients are added to it which in this case are citric acid and the bittering agent.

These three substances combine to make a bad tasting, but harmless liquid which will deter your dog from chewing. Dogs hate anything with a sour taste and these ingredients will stop your pooch in its tracks. Dogs taste whatever they are chewing on but as soon as they get a lick of this spray they’ll walk away in disgust.


Shake well. Spray evenly on desired area. Spray generously. Use consistently until chewing stops. Ensure your pet has appropriate chewing toys.

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