Straw Max 15kg - Copdock Mill

Straw Max 15kg


A healthy, ultra-absorbent and economical bedding option for your horse.

Straw pellets outperform wood pellets on absorbency and sustainability, traditional straw on equine health and consistency, and most other equine bedding materials on ease of use, odour suppression, positive environmental impact and all-round user-friendly convenience.


Minimise the Risks with Strawmax

Strawmax Shavings offer you a natural horse bedding developed and made to help you keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stable.

  • DUST - Bedding is potentially the biggest source of dust in the stable, and dust can impair or seriously damage your horse’s respiratory system. Strawmax is made from the highest quality straw, heated to high temperatures to remove spores, and is then dust extracted.
  • HOOFCARE - Your horse’s hooves need firm, resilient support. Strawmax provides it. Strawmax is manufactured to a low moisture content to help prevent hooves from drying out.
  • JOINTS - Strawmax pellets are designed to fluff up to a deep, supportive bed that encourages horses to lie down and rest, and cushions hocks and other joints from damage.
  • MOISTURE & ODOUR - Strawmax has exceptional moisture absorbency and highly effective odour suppression.
  • REST - Horses in stables need to be able to lie down to achieve deep REM sleep. A natural soft straw pellet bed encourages horses to lie down and rest properly.

Why Choose Strawmax?

Made from 100% natural British straw, Strawmax straw pellets make a deep, supportive, dust-extracted bed for your horse that lasts for months with minimal maintenance and very low waste, and composts quickly into a nitrogen-rich manure perfect for farmers and gardeners.


Softer & breaks down easily Virtually no airborne dust Fluff up faster to deeper volume Exceptional moisture absorbency Highly effective odour suppression


Quick to make and maintain Time & labour saving Compact & easier to store Long-lasting & economical Minimises your muck-heap


100% natural waste harvest material Renewed annually in the UK Sourced locally to our plant Minimises carbon footprint Creates a rich compost

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