Sundown Equine Yellow Rapestraw 19kg - Copdock Mill

Sundown Equine Yellow Rapestraw 19kg


Sundown Yellow is one of the most absorbent chopped straw bedding materials. Made from chopped and double de-dusted British rapeseed straw, the pithy inner core sucks-up urine to keep your horse's bed dry, and easy to muck-out. Rapeseed straw is more robust than wheat straw, which means it's more hard-wearing and your bedding lasts for longer!


  • 100% British rapeseed straw
  • Highly absorbent and eliminates odour
  • Eucalyptus fragrance
  • Excellent coverage
  • Economical and long-lasting
  • Easy to muck-out
  • Natural and sustainable
  • Very low dust levels
  • Suitable for all bedding systems
  • Composts quickly for easy disposal

Sustainable and smells great!

Sundown Yellow bedding is made using 100% British locally-sourced rapeseed straw, which is double de-dusted in our factory before being packed into 19kg bales.

Each bale provides excellent coverage and is fragranced with eucalyptus.

Our customers often comment on the very low levels of dust and the wonderful fresh smell of each bale.

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