Blue Chip Dynamic Joint + Bone Supplement 15kg - Copdock Mill

Blue Chip Dynamic Joint + Bone Supplement 15kg

Why Dynamic?

A pelleted supplement designed for performance horses, growing young stock, and those needing extra support for bone and joint health.

Would your pony/horse benefit from a joint supplement to aid both joint and bone development and maintenance?

Blue Chip Dynamic is specifically formulated to facilitate optimal bone development and support the maintenance of the joints and surrounding tissues. Dynamic contains glucosamine HCL, an organic, bio-available form of MSM. Yucca, vitamin C and E, PLUS a bone supplement which contains organic manganese, calcium, phosphorus and silicon.

As with our balancers, Dynamic is formulated with sources of protein, natural oils providing omega 3 and 6, and quality digestible fibre. Invaluable for both growing young stock; producing sound, healthy individuals, and for ponies and horses competing at higher levels to protect their joints.

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