Equiglo Cooked Full Fat Linseed 15kg - Copdock Mill

Equiglo Cooked Full Fat Linseed 15kg


Whole Linseed that has been cleaned, micronized and then ground into a coarse powder.


  • Nutritious and natural product that can be included in all feeding regimes for condition, performance and general wellbeing.
  • Made in the UK from pure, great-quality linseed that has been micronised and milled to improve the availability of ingredients and allow higher digestible energy levels
  • Low in sugar and starch
  • Extremely palatable and a good source of slow-release energy
  • Provides high-quality protein to support muscle development and recovery
  • Rich in natural antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, and flavonoids to help support tissue structure
  • Beneficial for horses and ponies on forage or fibre-based diets


Digestible Energy 10MJ/kg

Moisture <12%

Crude Protein 23%

Crude Fibre 8%

Crude Fat (Omega-3 18.2%, Omega-6 5.3%, Omega-9 7.7%)

Crude Ash 4.5%

Lysine 0.93%

Methionine 0.46%

Calcium 0.25%

Phosphorus 0.65%

Potassium 0.93%

Magnesium 0.36%

Salt 0.31%

Starch 3.7%

Sugar 3.5%

Linoleic 5.15%

Sodium 0.06%

Threonine (total) 0.90%

Chloride <0.1%

Sulphur 0.22%

Copper 12.6 mg/kg

Manganese 14.8 mg/kg

Zinc 50.5 mg/kg

Iron 90.2 mg/kg

Selenium 0.08 mg/kg

Digestible Energy 16-19 MJ/kg

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