Copdock Mill Pond Flakes 1 & 5 Ltr - Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill Pond Flakes 1 & 5 Ltr


Copdock Mill Pond fish food flakes is suitable for all types pond fish inc Koi.

Made out of high quality raw materials, these flakes are highly digestible.

Similar in appearance to aquarium fish food but with a different formulation to meet the dietary requirements of pond fish.

This pond flake formulation provides all the necessary nutrition for pond fish but at great value for money.

The Pond flakes comprise of a mixture of colors, green, orange, yellow, brown and white flakes.


Crude Protein 15% Vitamin A E324 Ethoxyquin E1 Iron Crude Fat 3% Vitamin C (stable) E2 Iodine Crude Fibre 3% Vitamin E E4 Copper Crude Ash 4% Vitamin D3 E5 Manganese Phosphorus 0.60% E6 Zinc Calcium 0.20%

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