Harvey`s Block Salt 2x4kg - Copdock Mill

Harvey`s Block Salt 2x4kg


Harvey’s Block Salt was first invented in the 1980’s by Harvey himself, and eventually it went to market in 1995, and changed the Water Softening Industry forever. As opposed to other Water Softening Methods such as Tablets or Granules, A Pack of Harveys Salt Blocks weighs just 8KG, 2 x 4KG Blocks, compared to 10kg and 25kg bags that other Water Softener Salts come in.

If you are looking for Block Salt for Water Softeners then Harveys Water Softener Salt Blocks may be for you. Harveys Block Salt is very light and compact, which makes it easy to load, easy to carry and easy to store. In addition to these benefits Harvey’s Salt Blocks are Food Grade, with no Anti-Caking agents in them.

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