Versele-Laga Junior Plus I.C 20kg - Copdock Mill

Versele-Laga Junior Plus I.C 20kg


Complete feed for pigeons enriched with the special extruded Immunity Concept+ junior pellet. You can only make your youngsters grow and perform with complete feed. Plus I.C.+ Junior provides the perfect protein/energy ratio. Enriched with the easily digestible extruded Plus I.C.+ junior pellets for a better digestion and an additional number of vitamins and amino acids, which are important for youngsters. These vitamins and amino acids are not present in the traditional pigeon mixes.

Opti Growth

Unique combination of essential amino acids, absorbable calcium and L-carnitin. This will build new lives and ensures an optimal growth of the youngsters.

Opti Digest

MOS (mannan-oligosaccharides) are prebiotics that promote a healthy intestinal flora and suppress harmful bacteria resulting in a healthy digestion.

Opti Health

The Plus I.C.+ junior pellet contains a unique combination of organic (natural) antioxidants including beta carotene (supplied through carrots), lutein, extra vitamin E, organic selenium, polyphenolic bioflavonoids and vitamin C. This unique combination stimulates the immune system.


  • Complete mixture for youngsters enriched with the Immunity Concept+ pellet to enhance the development of nestlings and an extra protection in the form of antioxidants.
  • Ideal mixture for youngsters because it provides the perfect protein to energy ratio. The youngsters keep on training and get a smooth intake.
  • The mixture is easily digestible and ensures a good development. This feed also ensures an ideal gastrointestinal function, essential in youngsters.


red maize 7%, premium cribs maize 5%, small cribs maize 8%, toasted soya beans 2%, maple peas 3%, dun peas 2%, small green peas 7%, tares 2%, white pigeon wheat 7%, white dari 8%, red dari 6%, safflower 10%, pigeon barley 11%, paddy rice 12%, peeled oats 2%, brown linseed 2%, junior pellet I.C.⁺ 6%


crude protein 13%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 6%, crude ash 3%, carbohydrates 59%, lysine 0.55%, methionine 0.27%, threonine 0.43%, tryptophan 0.14%, cystine 0.22%, calcium 0.15%, phosphorus 0.32%, sodium 0.03%


3a672a vitamin A 2700 IU, E671 vitamin D3 540 IU, 3a700 vitamin E 15 mg, vitamin C 3 mg, E1 ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 6.5 mg, 3b202 calcium iodate, anhydrous 0.5 mg, E4 cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 2 mg, E5 manganous oxide 16 mg, E6 zinc oxide 15 mg, E8 sodium selenite 0.06 mg, 3 b 8.10 organic form of selenium (produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060) 0.15 mg, L-carnitin 1.2 mg


On average, 30 g of feed per day per pigeon. Always provide fresh drinking water.

TIPS Once the young pigeons train enough around the loft they can be fed some more. Always be careful with feeding, so that the young pigeons keep listening when they are called inside and when they are being conditioned.

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