Norfolk Pastures Bulk Hay 5kg - Copdock Mill

Norfolk Pastures Bulk Hay 5kg


Here at Norfolk Pastures we use a mixture of Rye, Timothy, Cocksfoot and other meadow grasses in our hay to give a variety of tastes. The variation in taste makes it a much more enjoyable eating experience for the animal and owners of small pets have peace of mind that the hay is giving their animal all that they need as part of a nutritionally balanced diet. We understand that taste and texture are huge deciding factors when choosing hay and straw and that is why we use these tried and tested varieties. Small animals love them and a happy pet means a happy owner. All that any owner of a small animal really wants is to see them happy and healthy. By allowing the hay and straw to dry naturally in the sun on the fields we can ensure a ‘natural’ and more ‘healthy’ start to the process. No machines are used to dry the hay and straw. These can in fact increase the dust content of the hay and straw, and this is why we do not use them. By using our own bespoke technology, we reduce dust and fungal spores which makes our products the very best for small animal health. High levels of dust and fungal spores in hay and straw can severely damage an animal’s health and lead to expensive veterinary costs and discomfort.

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