Norfolk Pastures Bulk Straw 5kg - Copdock Mill

Norfolk Pastures Bulk Straw 5kg


Norfolk Pastures use only the best varieties of barley straw. This is because of its golden colour and soft stalks,compared with wheat straw which is sharp and brittle and may cause harm to your small animal's eyes. The straw is harvested when it is golden in colour and at its driest and stored in barns. It is left in longer strands for a more natural burrowing material. Norfolk Pastures use a three phase extraction process to extract all dust and fungal spores. This can help to prevent the following health problems with your pets: - skin problems - digestive disorders - eye infections - respiratory complaints Sizes: Economy bales are ideal for people with 1-2 small animals. (approx weight 2+kg) Bulk bales are for people with 2 or more small animals. (approx weight 5+kg)

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