Norfolk Pastures Economy Straw 4 x 2kg - Copdock Mill

Norfolk Pastures Economy Straw 4 x 2kg


Norfolk Pastures specialises in premium quality dust extracted hay, barley straw and wood shavings for small pets. We manage every stage of production, from growing the hay and straw to packing and distributing it from our working family farm in Norfolk. Our close involvement with the entire production process ensures the highest quality standards in every product we sell.

By allowing the hay and straw to dry naturally in the sun on the fields we can ensure a ‘natural’ and more ‘healthy’ start to the process. No machines are used to dry the hay and straw. These can in fact increase the dust content of the hay and straw, and this is why we do not use them.

By using our own bespoke technology, we reduce dust and fungal spores which makes our products the very best for small animal health. High levels of dust and fungal spores in hay and straw can severely damage an animal’s health and lead to expensive veterinary costs and discomfort.

We only use barley straw, this is because of its golden colour and soft stalks, compared with wheat straw which is sharp and brittle and may cause harm to your small animal’s eyes. It is less likely to cause eye injuries and infections because its stalks are softer. Wheat Straw is known to be sharper and brittle and much more likely to cause eye problems. Once again the straw is harvested when it is golden in colour and at its driest and stored in barns. It is left in longer strands for a more natural burrowing material.

Norfolk Pastures use only the best varieties of grasses to produce our hay, they consist of rye, timothy, cocksfoot and various meadow grass, which are harvested in mid-summer when they are lush, green and near to seeding, it is then naturally dried in the sun after cutting, this helps to retain as many nutrients as possible. It is then stored in dry barns until it is time to be packed.

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