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Niger Seed


Premium quality clean Nyjer Nijer Thistle Seed wild bird food.

Attract one of the UK’s most colourful wild birds in to your garden with this nutritious, oil rich seed.

A firm favourite with the Goldfinch, Niger Seed is very similar in looks to the thistle seeds that they would usually eat when seeking food in the wild.

Niger Seed is a tiny seed so requires its own style of feeder. Designed so the seed doesn’t fall out of the feeding ports, Niger Seed feeders have small holes where your wild birds can feed from.

Finches find this easier than others as their beaks are narrower and can fit in the feeder holes. Alternatively, you can mix Niger Seed in with your regular seed mix so it is beneficial for all your wild birds.

A real delicacy, and is packed with oil, making it an ideal food source. Loved by goldfinches!

Niger (Nyjer) seed is one of the most popular wild bird foods available for garden birds. It is highly nutritious and contains lots of oil. In terms of the actual seed, Niger seed is an ultra fine oil rich seed which is eaten by numerous garden bird species and is especially loved by the beautiful Goldfinches. Because Niger is so fine, it is advised that it is fed in specialist niger or thistle seed feeders - as conventional feeders have ports that are just too large, and the seed would be wasted.

Attracts Collared Dove, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Redpoll, Siskin, Turtle Dove.

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