Copdock Mill Suet Cake Tray - Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill Suet Cake Tray


  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients using 100% Pure Human Grade Beef Suet.
  • High energy treat with 40% Suet content.
  • Source of protein and calcium.
  • Suitable for all year round feeding.
  • Attracts a variety of birds.
  • Place either on the feeding table or inside a suet block feeder.


A complementary feed for wild birds. High energy suet cake enriched with protein rich mealworms. A great source of calcium, attracting a variety of wild birds to the garden.


300g Singles

Value 10 Packs


With Berries: Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Raisins, Dried Apple, Rowan Berries, Calcium & Natural Colouring.

With Mealworms: Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Mealworms, Calcium & Natural Colouring.

With Sunflower Hearts: Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Sunflower Hearts & Calcium.

Mixed box of 10: Includes Mealworm, Berry, Sunflower Hearts, Peanut, Apple, Cereals, Suet, Seeds, Raisins, Dried Apple, Rowan Berries, Mealworms, Sunflower Hearts, Peanuts, Calcium & Natural Colouring.

Allergy Information: May contain nuts.

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